The Multi-Venue Self-Exclusion (MVSE)
Program is an online system designed to
enable people with a gambling problem to
self-exclude from venues around where
they live, work and socialise.
During the self-exclusion process you can
elect to self-exclude from the entire venue,
the gaming room or from all gambling
activities inside the club.
Many people who use self-exclusion as
a tool of recovery still want to be able
to enjoy a meal with friends and to make
use of the other amenities that their
club provides.
The MVSE Program provides options
so you can still come to the club to see a
show or socialise, but you can’t enter any
area with poker machines, Keno or the TAB.
If you would like to self-exclude from
venues in your area, please contact
any Gosford RSL staff member and they
will assist you immediately.
If you would prefer to complete
the form independently, please use the
link to download a self-exclusion form.
Once complete, see a staff member or
email to to process
your request for self-exclusion.