our story

The original land owners of the Gosford area were the Fagans. Their interests included farming, citrus orchards, timber, cattle and champion race horses. They were the first to grow oranges locally and they lived at what is now Henry Kendall Cottage.

Ernest White was the founder of Gosford RSL. The first RSL members would meet at the Brisbane Water District Club at the rear of the Anglican Church in Broadwater Avenue. The land was donated by Dr James Paul who provided the premises on the condition that no liquor was to be sold there. 

The crafty members complied with this condition to the letter by buying coupons which were then exchanged for beer or spirits at the bar to ensure that no alcohol was technically ‘sold’. The bar was a basement full of beer. Beer was hard to come by so it was transported from Lithgow and Mudgee. It became known as ‘Mudgee Mud’ due to its taste and texture. It was recorded that a blowfly once came out of a beer bottle at the end of being consumed, reinforcing the thickness and mud like qualities of the beer.

Fire gutted the Gosford RSL on 22 January in 1973. The club then purchased the Galaxy Motel in West Gosford which was owned by a Hungarian immigrant, Zoltan Kamenitzky .  Originally, the land belonged to George and Agnes Fagan. The Fagan’s stone house on the land was called Oak Haven.

In naming the brewery and beer brands, significant consideration has been given to pay tribute to the history of Gosford RSL.
The chosen name for Gosford RSL’s brewery has reflected its heritage in being named after the Fagans’ house, ‘Oak Haven’.

The brewery’s first pale ale has been named in memory of the initial members who were a little cheeky and ‘sly’ in exchanging coupons for alcohol in the basement, by being named, ‘Sly Grog’.

The brewery’s first dark ale has been named to capture the essence of the basement bar in the original Gosford RSL premises, being named ‘The Bolthole’, ie a place where people retreat to get away from normal life and escape from other people.

With a strong brand heritage that clearly differentiates Gosford RSL, all current and future brand names sitting within the Oak Haven Brewing Co brand should support its unique history and the characteristics of the founders and members.

brewed inhouse for
peak freshness

Oak Haven beers are brewed
inhouse for the freshest beer

+ no preservatives

+ highest quality hops

+ locally sourced produce

+ brewed for our members

+ available on tap at Gosford RSL

our feature brews

Little Galaxy

Australian Pale Ale 4.4% abv.

Little Galaxy is our celebration of the finest Australian produce in one sensational brew.  Starting with Australian-grown barley and wheat as a foundation, Little Galaxy features the world-famous Galaxy hops, developed and grown in Tasmania. By focussing on just one species of hop, introduced at different stages of the brew, Little Galaxy delivers big tropic fruit aromas, flavours and refreshment.

Little Galaxy is a big, flavourful, classic Pale Ale, celebrating the amazing flavours of Galaxy hops.

Wobbly Boot

Pilsner - German 4.8% abv.

Wobbly Boot is a beautifully crafted German inspired Pilsner, show casing delicate floral and spicy notes from German and Australian hops.

With its fluffy white foam and its brilliant golden hue, Wobbly Boot would be very well paired with

Wobbly Boot is also an extremely versatile food beer.

It pairs well with Thai and other fiery Asian foods, but it also won't overwhelm more delicate dishes like shellfish or fresh goat cheese.

It's great with burgers or barbecue and perfect with pizza.

The hops and carbonation work to keep your palate clean.


Chocolate Stout 5% abv.

Midnight Mocha is a rich, dark stout with
plenty of chocolate. Made with English
Brown Malt to generate the espresso tones,
and rolled Barley, Crystal Malt and Roasted
Barley to add body and mouthfeel; this is a
both a complex and flavoursome brew. The
secret to that amazing chocolatey taste is
the Chocolate Malt and raw cacao nibs
added late in the boil.
The colour of midnight and the flavour of a
quality mocha coffee…. Midnight Mocha.

Dust Storm

Belgian Amber Ale 4.2% abv.

Inspired by the 2009 dust storm that covered Eastern Australia with a blanket of red, Oak Haven’s Dust Storm promises to delight the senses.

Dust Storm is a medium-bodied, moderately hoppy Belgian style Amber ale showcasing a beautiful crimson-amber hue, topped off with a soft pillowy foam head.

The addition of Amarillo hops seamlessly blend floral, spicy tropical and citrus flavours with its distinctive sweet aromas. The use of Crystal malt imparts a residual sweetness that is beautifully balanced with a light bitter finish resulting in an incredible, full-flavoured and drinkable beer.

Welsh Red

Red Ale 5.2% abv.

This distinct ruby beer’s sweet caramel and fruity aromas tease the taste buds. Brewed with smooth and rich Chocolate and Crystal Australian malts with a clever blend of Tettnang, East Kent Goldings and Cascade hops.

Our Welsh Red delivers delicious full-bodied toffee flavour and a fruity finish of figs, raisins and dates.

Pick Pocket

American Style Pale Ale 4.2% abv.

Another brew in our single-hop range, Pick Pocket features Cascade hops, an American variety which is also grown here in Australia.  Munich malt is added to Australian grown barley and wheat to add depth, character and rich malty flavours. Dry hopping with Cascade adds mild, spicy citrus aroma, hints of grapefruit and a crisp, fresh finish.

Pick Pocket is a lighter flavour-profile Pale Ale with subtle, beautifully balanced flavours.


Golden Lager 4.6% abv.

Larrikin is an easy-drinking, approachable,
English/American style beer, using hops
which display hints of delicious citrus, pine
with berry and fruity aromas.
Larrikin is somewhat of a chameleon as its
traditionally brewed as an Ale yeast but our
beer being the Larrikin that it is was brewed
with a Lager yeast to highlight its true

Ghost Ship

Belgian Blonde Ale 5.7% abv.

Oak Haven’s Ghost Ship is a moderately dry Belgian style Blonde Ale with a robust character and smooth, fruit driven flavours and aromas.

The use of Australian Barley in the mash have given Ghost Ship a malty sweetness and silky mouthfeel, whilst the addition of East Kent Goldings hops provide a mild bitterness with delicate spice and honey overtones.

All Rounder

Lager 2.8% abv.

Big on flavour. Light on alcohol. All Rounder has all the hallmarks of a great premium lager beer. At only 2.8% ABV, All Rounder exhibits a golden hue and a great flavour thanks to the addition of Mosaic hops.

All Rounder is made using only the finest Australian malted barley, hops and English yeast.

our core brews

Sly Grog (Style: Kölsch): 4.8% ABV

Malt: Atlas Latrobe, Wheat

Hops: Hallertauer Mittelfrueh, Tettnang            

Sly Grog (Style: Kölsch)

Crisp, delicate and oh-so-drinkable, Sly Grog is a beer hybrid, meaning that its production and subsequent beer drinking experience saddles qualities of both lager beers and ale beers. Light and refreshing and using German noble hops; Sly Grog is perfect quencher for our sunburnt country.

Oak Haven Brewery’s first pale ale has been named ‘Sly Grog’ in memory of the initial members who were a little cheeky and ‘sly’ in exchanging coupons for alcohol in the basement, to ensure no alcohol was technically being sold.

Beer was hard to come by so it was transported to Gosford from Lithgow
and Mudgee.  It became known as ‘Mudgee Mud’ and the story lives on of the
blow fly that flew out of a bottle after the beer had been consumed.

The Bolthole (Style Porter): 4.6% ABV

Malt: Pale Ale, Chocolate, Caramalt, Crystal, Roasted

Hops: Amarillo, Mosaic

The Bolthole Dark Ale (Style: Porter)

Exclusively brewed with five Australian malts, Bolthole Dark Ale shimmers with dark ruby highlights and a fluffy tan head. Bolthole Dark Ale features a depth of malt flavour and complexity with roasted notes of cocoa and coffee. Rich, silky smooth
and moreish, it’s a classic!

‘The Bolthole’ Oak Haven Brewery’s first dark ale has been named to capture
the essence of the basement bar in the original Gosford RSL premises. 
In the early days the bar was nothing more than a basement full of beer.  And at the best of times even the beer was difficult to find to say nothing for being served illegally.

The Bolthole means “a place where people retreat to get away from
normal life and escape from other people”.

Dr Paul's Pils: 3.5% ABV

Malts: Pale Schooner, Caramalt, Muniche

Hops: Hallertauer Mittelfrueh, Tettnang

Dr. Pauls Pils is a light, clean-tasting Bohemian-style pilsner, brewed from Australian barley and specialty malts, showcasing flowery, herbal, and spicy notes delivered from German noble hops; Halltauer Mittelftueh and Tettnang. It’s a beautifully balanced lager with a moderately malty backbone. Dr. Paul’s Pils compliments almost any style of food including spicy and hearty dishes, as wells as grilled meat, sausages, hamburgers, and seafood.

Dr James Paul owned the land which housed the original home of Gosford RSL Club as well as the Anglican church. As a man of the highest morals and concerned for the health of the returned servicemen, Dr Paul decreed that “no intoxicating liquor would be sold” on that premises. As we know, our crafty forefathers found a way around that… However, Gosford RSL Club owes a great debt to the generosity of Dr Paul, for allowing the use of his property, so we feel it’s only right to immortalise his name with a lower-alcohol beer which we’re sure he’d approve of – Dr Paul’s Pils !

Rusty Sail: 3.5% ABV

Malts: Pale, Vienna Malt Caramalt, Crystal, Winter Wheat and Chocolate.

Hops: Cascade, East Kent Goldings and Ella

Rusty Sail is a magnificently balanced mid-strength Amber Ale, which uses 100% Australian grown grain to create a medium-bodied, malt-driven beer characterized by its rich copper colour and toffee-caramel sweetness. The rich flavour profile is balanced against a crisp dry finish on the palate and floral notes from Cascade, East Kent Goldings and Ella hops. You’ll be glad this delectable brew is mid-strength, at 3.5%, so you can come back for more without going ‘overboard’….

Brisbane Water was famous for its shipwrights from the 1820s through to 1950s. The surrounding hills provided the hardwoods, demand for quality vessels grew, the old hands mentored the newcomers and family businesses flourished producing all manner of ketches, schooners, ferries, launches, barges and pearlers…... Rusty Sail is named in honour of this proud heritage and the fact that some locals say they still hear the rusty old rigging of the ghost ships plying these waters on a dark, windy night.



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