Prawn Crackers (GF DF SF) $2.50 m | $2.80 v

Veg Spring Rolls (V VG DF) served with sweet chilli sauce (4) $9.90 m | $10.90 v

Prawn Toast (DF SF) served with kewpie mayo (4) $8.90 m | $9.80 v


Vietnamese Style Pork Chop (SF DF) $27.90 m | $29.70 v

Twice cooked 300gm Pork cutlet with Vietnamese style dressing, house made pickle and prawn crackers

Korean Spicy Fried Chicken Wings (DF) $15.90 m | $17.40 v

Korean style chilli honey glaze

8hr Slow Cooked Lamb Ribs (DF SF) $32.90 m | $36.20 v

braised in master stock and fried served with mint, coriander and lime

Rainbow Beef (DF) $24.90 m | $27.40 v

crispy fried julienne beef with sweet and sour sauce

Market Fish Coconut Thai Red Curry (DF SF VGO) $23.90 m | $26.30 v

fresh market fish, eggplant, green bean, cherry tomatoes, cooked in coconut thai curry served with chilli, coriander and lime

Stir Fry Greens (DF GFO VGO) $14.90 m | $16.40 v

stir fry seasonal green vegetables


Steamed Jasmine Rice (DF GF V VG) $3.90 m | $4.30 v

88 Egg Fried Rice (DF GFO VO VGO SF) large $17.90 m | $19.70 v / small $10.90 m | $12.00 v

with lup chong (Chinese sausage), prawn, peas and spring onion

Chow Mein Noodles (DF VO VGO SF) $19.90 m | $21.90 v

with lup chong (Chinese sausage), prawn, chinese broccoli and egg

Pad Thai Noodles (DF VO GF NUT SF) $18.90 m | $20.80 v

with prawn, egg, garlic chives served with bean sprouts, roasted peanut, coriander, chilli and lime

Combination Laksa (DF VO VGO SF) $21.90 m | $24.10 v

with prawn, chicken breast, hard boiled egg, fried tofu puff, bean sprouts, hokkien noodle served with coriander, chilli and lime


Jasmine Pearls (Green Tea) serves 2-4 $12.90 m | $14.20 v

Each delicate leaf has been infused with jasmine flowers

then individually hand-rolled into pearls which consist of one tender shoot and two leaves, which slowly and gracefully uncurl when infused with water, releasing the glorious floral tones of jasmine. 

Iron Goddess (Oolong Tea) serves 2-4 $8.90 m | $9.80 v

Iron goddess or Tie Guan Yin, is named after the Chinese goddess of Mercy Guan-Yin. This premium Chinese Oolong is renowned for its complex and balanced flavour that is fruity with a hint of orchid.

Rock Oolong serves 2-4 $9.90 m | $10.90 v

Our Shui Zian is grown in a tea garden located on the edge of Wuyi mountain. Giving a beautiful flavour and fills the mouth with a lingering aftertaste of juicy floral, wet stone-mineral quality with hints of roasted chestnut and lychee.


Defence (Lemongrass) serves 2-4 $6.90 m | $7.60 v

The zesty freshness of lemongrass is combined with the tart fruitiness of hibiscus, in a perfect balance of spices and loose leaf herbs. A sophisticated warming and slightly sweet-sour tisane perfect for boosting the immune system. 

Goodnight (Peppermint Leaves) serves 2-4 $6.90 m | $7.60 v

Beautiful bouquet of aroma and sweet flavour to help calm the busy mind and aid digestion. A soothing and delicious after dinner brew.


Matcha Yuzu $17.90 m | $19.70 v

matcha mousse cake, matcha ice cream mochi, red bean doryaki, yuzu curd and hojicha ice cream

V vegetarian / VO vegetarian option / VGO vegan option / DF dairy free / DFO dairy free option / GFO gluten free option / SF contains seafood / NUT contains nut