Bread Roll w/ butter   1.70m      1.90v

Garlic & Herb Bread (DF)    (2)   5.00m   5.50v    (4)   8.00m    8.80v

Cheesy Garlic Bread (4)  10.00m  11.00v

Soup of The Day w /bread roll     10.00m    11.00v


Caesar Salad (GFO)  18.90m  20.80v
w/ bacon, parmesan, hard-boiled egg, cos lettuce & house caesar dressing
Add Poached Chicken Breast   5.00m   5.50v

Add Chicken Schnitzel 150g   5.00m    5.50v

Crispy Salt & Pepper Prawn Salad (DF)   21.90m  24.10v
w/ baby spinach, dry slaw, cherry tomato, thai style dressing & toasted sesame seeds


Crispy Cajun Chicken Wings (GF)  ½ kg 15.90m  17.40v

w/ choice of sauce hickory bbq or buffalo (hot)  1kg   29.90m   32.90v

Add ranch sauce    1.50m   1.70v

Peking Duck Spring Rolls (4) (DF)  entrée   15.00m  16.50v
w/ hoi sin & plum sauce

Ground Beef or Vegetarian Nachos (GF)   18.90m  20.80v
w/ corn chips, corn & black bean salsa, mozzarella cheese, sour cream & guacamole


Children 12 years & under  12.00m  13.20v
Kids meals include a drink & ice cream
Boscaiola Linguini (GFO), Bolognese Linguini (GFO),
Cheeseburger & Chips, Chicken Nuggets & Chips, Fish & Chips


Salt & Pepper Squid (DF)   22.90m   25.20v  
w/ tartare, lemon & your choice of chips & salad or mash & veg

Beer Battered Fish (4) (DF)  22.90m  25.20v    
w/ tartare, lemon & your choice of chips & salad or mash & veg

Chicken Schnitzel 300g  22.90m 25.20v    
w/ chips & salad or mash & veg & your choice of sauce

Chicken Parmigiana   25.90m  28.50v    
w/ napolitana sauce, mozzarella & your choice of chips & salad or mash & veg 

Corned Silverside   19.90m   21.90v    
w/ mashed potatoes, steamed green peas & white sauce              

Bangers (3) & Mash (GF)    18.90m   20.80v
w/ mashed potatoes, steamed green peas & onion gravy

Add (1) Thick Beef Sausage    4.00m  4.40v

Mild Satay Chicken (GF, DF)        entrée   14.90m  16.40v
w/ steamed jasmine rice               main     19.90m  21.90v

Aromatic Malaysian Yellow Curry (GF, DF, V)   18.90m  20.80v    
w/ seasonal vegetables & jasmine rice

Add Chicken (GF, DF) 5.00m  5.50v


Crispy Coated Chips (DF, V)  5.00m   5.50v

Seasoned Wedges w/ sour cream & sweet chilli  9.90m  10.90v

Mashed Potatoes (GF, DFO, VGO, V)  5.00m   5.50v

Side Salad (GF, DF, V)  4.50m  5.00v

Steamed Seasonal Vegetables (GF, DF, VG)  8.90m  9.80v

Beer Battered Onion Rings (V) 8.90m  9.80v

Sauces: gravy (GF), mushroom (GF), pepper (GF), diane (GF)  1.50m   1.70v


Southern Style Chicken Burger   18.90m  20.80v
w/ coleslaw, sriracha aioli & fries

Add rasher bacon & cheddar cheese    5.00m  5.50v

Double Wagyu Beef & Bacon Burger   24.90m  27.40v
w/ rasher bacon, cheddar cheese, aioli, bbq sauce & fries

Classic Beef Burger  17.90m  19.70v
w/ cheddar cheese, beetroot, tomato, lettuce, BBQ sauce & fries

Add rasher bacon  4.00m   4.40v

Steak Burger  22.90m  25.20v
w/ cheddar cheese, caramelised mushroom & onion, tomato, lettuce, chipotle bbq aioli & fries

Fried Haloumi Burger  22.90m  25.20v

w/ caramelised mushroom & onion, tomato, carrot, cos, hummus & fries


Atlantic Salmon Fillet 180g 29.90m  32.90v
w/ mashed potatoes, broccolini, Béarnaise sauce & lemon

Twice Cooked Jerk Chicken - allow 20 min cook time 26.90m  29.60v
w/ sweet potato mash, jasmine rice, black bean & corn salsa & lime

Crispy Chorizo Stuffed Porchetta  26.90m  29.60v

w/ hasselback potato, pumpkin fondant, broccolini, sour cherry and port jus

Hickory BBQ Lamb Ribs  half rack 24.90m  27.40v  full rack  39.90m  43.90v

w/ chips and coleslaw

Grain Fed Rump Steak 250g (DFO)   29.90m  32.90v

Eye Fillet 220g (DFO)   39.90m  43.90v

Grilled Barramundi Fillet 200g    19.90m  21.90v

Grilled Chicken Breast 300g  22.90m  25.20v

All served w/ chips & salad or mash & veg & your choice of sauce
gravy (GF), mushroom (GF), pepper (GF), diane (GF)

Béarnaise   3.00m  3.30v

Extra sauce (GF)  1.50m   1.70v


Shellfish Mafaldine Pasta (GFO) 32.90m    36.20v
king prawns, crab meat, white baby clams,

blistered cherry tomatoes, fresh chilli & garlic w/lemon infused olive oil, pangritata & herbs 

Add Gluten Free Pasta   2.00m  2.20v


Select your pasta type and serving size:

Linguini or Mafaldine  (DF, VG)   entrée   12.90m 14.20v   |  main     19.90m 21.90v

Penne (GF)  entrée   14.90m  16.40v |  main     21.90m  24.10v

Gnocchi (DF) entree  15.90m  $17.50v  | main 22.90m  25.20v

Select sauce:

Vegan Bolognese (VG, GF)          
Traditional Braised Beef Bolognese (GF)
Creamy Boscaiola (GF)
Blistered Cherry Tomato Sauce w/ chilli & garlic (GF)

GF Gluten Free GFO Gluten free option DF Dairy Free DFO Dairy free option V Vegetarian VG Vegan

Whilst all care has been taken during the preparation in regards to your dietary
request of your meal we cannot guarantee due to the possibility of cross contamination.